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PERSONAL STORY: Click & read how Haris found a way to deal with both gluten and dairy intolerance!

Having one food intolerance is hard enough, but having two…? It’s a burden! The protagonist of this story, Haris from the UK, is struggling with two food intolerance - gluten and dairy intolerance. 

Since he has been diagnosed with these two food intolerances, Haris struggled to find the right dairy-free and gluten-free meals for him at grocery stores as well as eating out with friends. 

BUT THEN he came across an app that turned the tables! Hear the story of Haris and you will find out how the JollyGut app helped him to efficiently deal with both gluten and dairy intolerance.

When did you find out that you are intolerant to gluten and dairy?

"The first time I found out about my gluten and dairy intolerance was in 2017. After 6 weeks of constant bloating, I spoke to my doctor, he tested me for coeliac disease and suggested eliminating dairy from my diet. I did it and eventually the bloating subsided. 

In 2020 I was consistently bloated again and assumed it was from the dairy. However, after eliminating gluten from my diet, I’ve realized it was a gluten intolerance!"

What you struggled with the most after the diagnosis? 

"It was really difficult to find products that are gluten and dairy-free. In the end, you end up picking products that have gluten or dairy in them.

Also, I struggled to go out with my friends. It was painful to speak with waitresses and chefs introducing my dietary requirements. In the end, people don’t really want to go to restaurants with you."

How the JollyGut app helped you to deal with these struggles?

"When I discovered the JollyGut food scanner app, it saved me lots of time - all you have to do is to point your phone at the food without having to touch the product.

You get matches to see what suits your dietary requirements. Also, you see the nutritional information of the products.

Sometimes you can find gluten-free products, but they contain lots of sugar which are really bad for you and lots of people don’t realise that!"

To watch the full interview video CLICK HERE !

With the JollyGut food scanner app you don’t need to analyse complex ingredient lists and get frustrated wondering whether the chosen product matches your dietary requirements - just check the product with the app or Browser extension and it will warn you whether the product meets your dietary preferences or not!
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