Main parameters
These main parameters help you understand the nutritional quality of your shopping basket.
The Nova Indicator measures the proportion of processed foods in your basket. The more processed, the higher the Nova number on a 1-4 scale. Recent nutritional science has established strong links between highly processed foods and severe non communicable diseases such as type-II diabetes, obesity, cancer. It is therefore advisable to limit or avoid highly processed food products in your diet, especially items graded Nova-III and Nova-IV.
More information on the Nova classification system is available at:
The Additive indicator helps you track the proportion of additives in your food. There exist hundreds of officially approved additives. An active debate is going on between those who regard additives as harmless products and those who question whether some additives could prove harmful over the long term. What is undisputed though is that the higher the number of additives in your food, the less natural and the more processed it is. In doubt, limiting your exposure to food products rich in additives is a cautious choice.
Organic & Vegan
The organic indicator, and the vegan indicator (if you are vegan) also help you understand better what you are buying.
Cooking ingredients & Alcohol
Cooking ingredients (oils, sauces) and alcohols are not included in the calculation of your main parameters because these products are generally consumed over a much longer of days (weeks or months) than your reference intake period.